Exclusive: Elon Musk Interviewed about OpenAI Lawsuit

The news broke on March 1st about a lawsuit filed against OpenAI by Elon Musk. To some this was a shock, but he has been consistently saying that OpenAI was supposed to be a nonprofit but instead changed course to be a for profit.

Musk claims this contract to humanity was broken. AI is for the good of all humanity and it was not supposed to be a for profit. Plus he wants his money back that was invested into OpenAI.

OpenAI has since responded to these claims with evidence and will file for a dismissal of all charges.

According to OpenAI, Musk knew that the company had to be a for profit in order to raise the capital required. He also tried and failed to take the company over and fold it into Telsa.

We asked Elon what he thought about OpenAI’s response and the email exchanges and he had this to say:

“My lawsuit would not be happening If OpenAI had just went along with the idea to fold the company into Telsa. It’s ridiculous to think they can be successful without me. So I am reminding them how important I am.”

Obviously Elon leaving OpenAI was a huge blunder – perhaps the biggest of his career.

Although – one can argue buying Twitter was worse. Plus, the launch of the Cybertruck at an expensive price when he should have been going with an affordable truck for the masses. And well, we have to add rebranding Twitter to X. Grok should be added to that since it’s a pathetic attempt at ChatGPT. And, of course, wearing the cowboy hat backwards to the Texas border to pretend he was a good ol’ boy.

What we are trying to say is that leaving OpenAI is at least in his top 10 all-time blunders. Easily.

“No doubt. It was a huge mistake. I just assumed a hostile takeover would work. They balked at folding it into Tesla. I think about it every day while I’m on Twitter attacking the woke mob. Sorry – I mean X. [aside: Don’t include this in the interview]” (Editors note: We included it)

He goes on to say: “…There is no way they can get out of this lawsuit without giving me at least some of my money back.”

So there you have it folks. This is most likely a court case that Elon knows he cannot win but is hoping that they will settle the case for some unknown reason and get money back. I guess because OpenAI broke their contract with humanity? It’s hard to follow Elon’s logic when he is often completely devoid of it.

Our interview was cut short when Elon put his cowboy hat (still backwards) and grabbed his Not a Flamethrower flamethrower and took off in his Cybertruck to the southern border. Most likely to save America.

Truly an American hero.