Linda Yaccarino says Twitter is Ready for Growth

In one of the most moronic statements someone can make as CEO of Twitter/X. Linda Yaccarino says they are ready for growth.

“I get to come in and shift from this cost discipline to growth and what does growth mean? Growth means hiring,” Yaccarino said during an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

CNBC Interview

CNBC notes that no job listings can be found, which likely means they are lying or just incompetent. It’s hard to tell which one is more amusing.

When reached for comment, Elon Musk had this to say:

“Listen, I know Twitter grew for the past 17 years into a global icon, but I changed all that with renaming it X. No one has any idea what X is. Thus, we are poised for growth.”

– Elon Musk

Can’t argue with that logic. Perhaps Facebook, too, can finally enter their phase of growth after launching 19 years ago.

To be fair, you can’t even Google the term “X” and have anything meaningful pop up. He truly is changing how the game is played by ruining the brand and their SEO at the same time.

Of course before he changed the name he first ruined trust in the platform, which was amazing to watch unfold in real-time. To this day, it’s hard to tell who should be trusted people on the platform. Advertisers fled and revenue plummeted, which was his first masterful stroke of genius.

Let’s refer to that time period as the “Verification Saga”.

A few weeks ago, you may recall that Elon decided to put tweets behind a logged in authentication wall otherwise you could not access them.

This obviously ruined SEO and most likely resulted in a catastrophic collapse in traffic because well, it’s common sense that not everyone has a Twitter account. Not to mention Google needs to crawl your platform.

After realizing the impact on traffic, he quietly reverted this change.

Luckily, we know Elon makes moves without much thought or strategy behind them.

Note: This is a parody. Everyone should know at this point that Elon Musk is an idiot.