Let’s kick things off

I am someone who has been heavily involved in the internets since its days of dial up. Who I am is not important, but I have a very good understanding of how this whole machine works.

Recently, the world and tech scene has devolved greatly. To the point where the average person might find it difficult to discern real journalism from spam or group speak. A lot of the internet is filled with black and white thinking or outright nonsense that gets published online to get clicks.

It’s difficult to know who to listen to and trust in 2023, and that folks, is by design.

The internet is dying. The internet that we grew up with is no more and we should all be very concerned about what it has devolved into over the past few years. From meme stocks, the rise of hate and polarization, the rise of misinformation, attacks on science and societal norms, blatant fraud, false hopes of crypto/NFTs, and the rise of AI.

So what I will try to do is discuss a lot of what is happening in the industry and the world in plain terms that people can wrap their head around.

Elon Musk’s hostile takeover of Twitter is the first topic of interest because it has set the tone of the next phase of the internet. For example, what happened with Reddit would have not happened without Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

Incompetent people who obtain power can force radical change very quickly.

As you might have guessed, the name of this website is inspired by Elon and his “brilliance”, but we have time to get into that.

We have to start from the beginning before we can get to what has happened in tech, and I believe shame has had a huge impact. When society became fractured and how the lack of shame gave Elon the ability to be the caricature you see today.

The next post will delve into shame, or more specifically, the diminishing role of shame in modern society. Do yourself a favor and watch the TED talks with Brene Brown. You can learn a thing or two.